Fee Greening


Who: Fee Greening

Where: I work from my studio in The Cob Gallery, Camden and live further up the hill in Highgate Village.

What: I draw my illustrations using quills, dip pens and ink. After a few stubborn years of ignoring all things digital I now use the computer to clean up the images of any ink spills or tea stains. I think digital is a useful tool but can be dangerous for draughtsmanship its all to easy to be seduced by the comfort of ‘edit undo’ and the tension and energy you create when you’re hand drawing is completely lost. For me, the thrill is in handling the ink, following your impulses and the risk of ruining a days work with one shake.

The illustrations explore PMRs family legend that they descend from the Hindu deity Agni the Vedic god of fire. I have depicted Agni and his immediate family. Agni is a symbol of life, activity and the soul. He is said to have been born by springing from the mouth of Virat Purusha, the Cosmic Man. I have also drawn his wife Svaha a immortal nymph, his daughter Agneya the Hindu Goddess of Fire and his three sons Pavka, Pavamana and Suchi who personify the three fires of humanity, Spirit, Soul and Body. After I had drawn Agni and his family I then collaborated with John William Walters to animate their flaming appearances into endless gifs mimicking their own immortality.


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