Leandro Stafford

Who: Leandro Stafford

What: I am a multidisciplinary visual artist currently in my final year at the Royal College of Art [MA Visual Communication]. I am interested in the documentary genre and the values of trust that flow between the artist, subject and viewer. I see my practice as an agent of change that explores these values through the unstable space between perception and truth. The fascination I have in people leads my practice to cross the confinements of the art world and immerse myself within different environments and societal constructs.

Why: The project explores the roots of PMRs existence, stemming from their mothers living room in Acton. It is this family communal atmosphere created at PMR that I wished to explore in Acton and its community. Acton is currently in the midst of change and development in a multi-million pound regeneration scheme.
I was interested in these existing peripheral tenants that are slowly being uprooted and displaced. Their existence floating upon uncertain terrain, as their communities evolve in the trading of new for old.
Spending many weeks in Acton I began to make contact and interact with the local neighborhood documenting my time through photographic portraits. It was the strong essence of the community and its uncertainty that I wanted to visualize. This resulted in a composition built from the many images I had recorded. The process looking to blur the boundaries of existence by breaking down the portraits in to a series of lines delicately balancing on the polar extremities of existence between black and white.
The location of the output is back in the local community on an advertising board promoting and imposing the beauty of the Acton locals. The placement of the work mirroring the transient reality of Acton as a community, under the changing perils and uncertainties of time.




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